Will I own my domain name?

It is Arrivals Digital company policy to register domain names with the details of our clients so that you will own your domain name.

Please note that we do retain the admin details under our company for easy administration whilst you remain a client of Arrivals Digital.

What if I want to transfer my domain name away from Arrivals Digital?

Although we do not wish to lose clients, we are always happy to assist with transferring your domain name to another provider. This may involve either updating the IPS Tag or providing a valid EPP Code. Please note that, once a domain name has been transferred away from us, we accept no responsibility for that domain name.
It is up to you to inform your new registrar and to make sure that the transfer has taken place satisfactorily.

What happens if I don’t like the design(s) you create for me?

Our aim is to always create designs that our clients will love but, it is the nature of design, that we may not always hit the mark on the first attempt. If you don’t like any of the designs we create for you then let us know and we will do our very best to rectify this by working on your design until you are 100% happy with it. We do ask that feedback is constructive as this helps the design process.

Will you write my website content?

No, we don’t write your website content. This is down to you.

Will you provide website images?

No, we do not provide website images. If you do not have any images then suitable ones can often be sourced from Stock Image websites such as iStock Photo or Shutterstock. We can advise on this if needs be.

Can I request minor updates through the three year period?

It is the nature of start-up businesses that things change within the first three years of operation and, to this end, we want to make the Arrivals Digital service as flexible as possible to accommodate this. Examples of what might constitute a minor change are;

  • Change of contact details
  • Logo change
  • Colour changes to match evolved branding
  • Font changes
  • Adding additional Social Media links/buttons

Please be aware that it is solely at the discretion of Arrivals Digital as to what constitutes a minor update. If requested updates fall outside of this then we may request a one-off payment to carry out the work.

Can I install additional WordPress plug-ins for my Arrivals Digital website?

Unfortunately not. All of our websites share the same basic platform and we have installed a selection of tried and tested plug-ins to make the common features of a small business website work. These cannot be added to as occasionally third-party plug-ins can be insecure and may put our whole network at risk.

Will I need to update WordPress myself?

No, because all of our websites are part of a network, developed on one instance of WordPress, we will keep it updated so you don’t have to.

Will you guarantee the security and availability of my website?

It is a fact of life that websites can be hacked. Although Arrivals Digital makes every effort to keep WordPress and plug-ins up-to-date, we cannot guarantee the security of your website. In the unlikely instance that your website is hacked we will endeavour to restore your website from a backup within 4 hours of the hack being discovered. If we fail to meet this SLA (Service Level Agreement) then compensation may be offered up to the equivalent of one month’s recurring payment. Arrivals Digital will, in no way, offer any compensation for loss of earnings due to compromised or unavailable websites.

How does the website buy-out option work?

As much as the Arrivals Digital service is there to aid start-ups, with limited budgets, to have a professionally designed website, our website buy-out option has been designed to provide a fair means to pay the remainder of your contract, at a discounted rate, when the business has become successful.
Below is an illustration of how it works based on a website package for £30 per month (please note that this illustration does not include VAT);

  • Full price for website (paid over 3 years) £1080
  • Buy-out price at the end of year one (30% discount on the remainder) £504
  • Buy-out price at the end of year two (20% discount on the remainder) £288

As you can see, the website buy-out option rewards customers for early repayment of the remaining balance owing on their website.

What happens to my website after the three year term is up?

Once the three year term for the website is completed there are three options;

  • Continue to run your website on the Arrivals Digital network for a small hosting fee and the continued payment of your domain registration fee.
  • Request a re-design and continue to pay the monthly amount (this constitutes an acceptance of a further three year agreement with the same buy-out options)
  • Cancel your website with Arrivals Digital and we will provide you with the following;
    • A XML export of all of your posts and pages which can be imported into a new instance of WordPress
    • A copy of your ‘media’ folder which will contain your images
    • A copy of the theme we developed for you

What happens if I cancel the Direct Debit payments without exercising the buy-out clause?

If your Direct Debit payments lapse then we will cancel your website, removing it from public view on the internet. We will retain your website files and content for up to 14 days and then this will be removed from our system.