Pay Monthly Websites

We believe that start-up and small businesses should not be priced out of professional web design services. In fact it is in the early days that businesses often need an extra level of support and affordable website design is often hard to come by.

So we have devised a simple way for start-up and small businesses to access the kind of services they need and spread the cost out on a monthly basis whilst incorporating everything that we do so well for larger clients.

Website Design

Key Features

  • Fully managed WordPress environment (we take care of the web hosting, updates and performance)
  • Bespoke website design
  • Mobile friendly website design
  • No page limit on websites (although design may dictate the amount of room for main links)
  • Full training provided
  • Customer service & support
  • Simple payments by Direct Debit
  • Buy-out options at the start of year two and year three
  • Full re-design after three years

How Does the Pay Monthly Website Process Work?

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Visit our Get a Quote page and choose the services and features that are right for you. If you are happy with the price then fill in the contact form and we will call or email you back to find out a little more about your web design project.

Once we have a project brief drawn up and agreed we will ask you for your initial content and get started on your design.

Once you are 100% happy with the website we have created for you it will be launched to the public and submitted to the major Search Engines.

Website Buy-out Option

We know that you may not want to continue to pay monthly for your website so we offer a fair and transparent buy-out option for our clients. This works by us putting a value on your website based on payments over the full three year term and then offering a percentage discount for a buy-out at the start of year two and the start of year three.

Below is an example for a customer who takes a website only package at £30 + VAT per month;

Website Price £1080 £360 a year for 3 years Prices exclude VAT
End of year 1 buy-out £504 £720 30% discount Prices exclude VAT
End of year 2 buy-out £288 £360 20% discount Prices exclude VAT